Q: Where is VIIT made?

Proudly Owned and Made in New Zealand 

Q: How do I use VIIT vitamin sprays?

It's simple, all you need to do is spray the recommended dose underneath your tongue and hold for 30 seconds then swallow. 

The sprays produce perfectly balanced micro-sized droplets delivered into the mouth. The tiny droplets absorb quickly, providing fast nutrient uptake – the next generation of vitamin supplementation.

VIIT sublingual sprays deliver the vitamin ingredients directly into the bloodstream rather than relying on primary processing via the digestive system. This means that the vitamins are absorbed much faster and can get to work at providing your body with the nutrients it needs and deserves. 

Q: Shipping costs and delivery timeframes?

Domestic New Zealand Shipping:

Free Shipping $50.00 and over

North Island $5.00

South Island $7.00

International Shipping:

Free International Shipping $90.00 and over

Australia Standard $15.00

Australia DHL Express $25.00

U.S Standard $24.00

Rest of World Standard $26.00

Shipping Domestically can take between 1-4 days in New Zealand.

International shipping is estimated at between 6-12 days.

Q: How does VIIT Taste?

Delicious! Our products taste nothing like those syrupy liquids you take when you get a cold. Our products have natural fruit flavouring from apples and cherries with a little stevia to provide that hint of sweetness. We're proud to say we have  Kid Certified Approval! 

Q: Can kids take VIIT?

Short answer is Yes. Though we recommend speaking to your doctor about the appropriate dose. Our B12 and D3 products have a 1 spray per day dose and this is an adult sized dose so it might be hard to lower the dosage for these products. For our Complete Multivitamin the daily dose is 3 sprays, doctors may say your child can have 1- 2 sprays per day as this will be under the recommended adult sized dose.

Q: Are you adding more products to your range?

A: Yes we are working on releasing a Pregnancy formula, Kids Multi and CoQ10 by the end of 2022.

Q: Can I have more than the recommended dose?

 Please speak with your doctor regarding going over the the recommended daily dose. 

Q: Are your bottles eco-friendly?

Our bottles are made of glass and 100% recyclable. The cap is the only part made of plastic.  

Q: What type of B12 is in VIIT?

Methylcobalamin from plant sources.

Q: Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes our Elevate Vitamin B12 is vegan friendly.

Q: What does bioavailability mean?

 Bioavailability determines how fast and efficiently our bodies absorb nutrients from drugs, dietary supplements or food

A higher bioavailability generally means more nutrients are being absorbed than through conventional methods

A number of different influences can affect this, from timing, age, sex and lifestyle to the format used to take the supplement and when it was taken in the day i.e. before a meal

What is the difference between absorption and bioavailability?

Bioavailability and absorption are often used to describe the same thing, but there is a slight way to differentiate between the two.

Essentially, absorption can be defined as the movement of a drug through the outer membranes of the GI tract aka the hollow tubes that are connected between the mouth and the anus.

Whereas the bioavailability definition is focused more on the availability of the supplement to the general circulation system, or target site.

Q: Is it true that liquid vitamins have a higher absorption rate than tablets, capsules and gummies?


Absorption rate for liquid vitamins



Absorption rate for the average tablet


Research has found liquid vitamins have a 97% absorption rate, compared to an average absorption rate of 25% for tablets. That’s an improvement of almost 400%, and that absorption starts immediately.  This is due to the fact that the vitamins bypass the first-pass metabolic processes in the digestive system and liver. 

Are high bioavailability supplements suitable for everyone?

Generally speaking, high bioavailability supplements are designed in a way that is suitable for most people.

“Enhanced absorption and use equals greater potential benefits. But, as in all situations, any customer with any pre-exsiting health issue or taking medicines should always consult their GP before using any products.”