VIIT Mission


Introducing VIIT Science the liquid vitamin company bringing innovation to the industry. VIIT supplies a range of rapid absorption vitamin spray supplements which are proudly New Zealand Made and Owned.

We're here to share the vitamin science and hopefully help you make the decision to switch to liquid vitamins. It's no secret that liquid vitamins are up to 4x more effective than tablet or capsule vitamins (check out the VIIT Science page) yet the market is still dominated by vitamin companies that continue to supply tablet vitamins because they are cheaper and easier to produce. We are here to bring people a superior alternative. We want to set the new industry benchmark for vitamin supplements.

Higher Quality
Faster Absorption
Superior Bioavailability

Gone are the days of having to worry about force swallowing tablets and capsules that don't properly break down; leading to lower absorption and bioavailability. On top of this the film coating sits in your stomach taking months to properly break down. Vitamin capsules and tablets have a 20 minute window to be absorbed, and if the film coating doesn't properly dissolve or break down in this time the vitamins end up passing through the intestines and very little are actually absorbed. The average absorption rate for tablet vitamins sits at 25%.

Liquid vitamins provide a 97% absorption rate. Yes that's right up to 400% more than tablets! VIIT liquid vitamins get to work as soon as they are sprayed under the tongue and enter your bloodstream. With an easy to use, on the go sublingual spray, the vitamins are being absorbed from the very first spray under the tongue. Our liquid vitamin B12, D3 and multivitamin also come in a range of tasty fruit flavours. 

We believe in taking your vitamins the intelligent way.

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