It's Time to Switch! 5 Reasons to Choose Liquid Vitamins

It's Time to Switch! 5 Reasons to Choose Liquid Vitamins

People do a lot of things in the name of good health-- follow a strict diet, avoid toxins & pollutants, work out everyday, and force swallow a handful of super-sized pill supplements. Unfortunately, the latter is not as effective as many of us have been led to believe! 

Did you know? Your body only absorbs 10-15% of pills. This seems pretty low, considering most people take their supplements or treatments in pill form. 

Fortunately for us humans, the world we live in entails constant innovation. We're always being told about the latest technology coming out for cars, infrastructure, appliances and so on. However, we're not seeing the same innovation for the supplement industry as a whole. Yes new ingredients and formulas are hitting retail shelves, yet they're still being created in tablet form. The science stacks up for liquid vitamins, with numerous studies proving that they are up to 4x more effective than tablets. For the body to properly absorb vitamins and nutrients the supplements have be turned into a liquid so why not help the body out and have the vitamins ready to go in liquid form. 

Oral vitamin sprays have been around for a long time, and were mainly used as breath fresheners at first. However, in recent years studies conducted on the most effective methods to consume vitamins have been at the forefront of medical research. Study after study (you can view our science page for more info kept coming out showing that liquid vitamin sprays were the most effective means because the micro particle sprays were starting to be absorbed under the tongue and into the blood the stream before they had even been swallowed. Vitamins were getting into the system without even having to be digested in the stomach. This results in much higher absorption levels and you're body actually being able to use the vitamins. Why pay money for pills that end up and not properly breaking down in time to be absorbed and you end up excreting most of them in the toilet. VIIT Science spent two years researching and working with nutritionists and medical professionals to conceptualise our innovative product range of liquid vitamin sprays.


1 Oral vitamin sprays have a 97-98% absorption rate. 

There are many ways of delivering vitamins into the human body. These include injections, pills, patches, and ready-to-drink formulas. But none of them do a better job than oral sprays. In fact, the body only absorbs 80% of injections, 10-15% of pills, 50% of patches, and 55% of ready-to-drink formulas. They're not even close to the absorption level of VIIT vitamin sprays. 

Supplement sprays have a higher absorption rate because they are specially designed to do so. They produce perfectly sized droplets that can be directly absorbed by the bloodstream, rather than the digestive system. Since the digestive system can be interrupted by the intake of other nutrients from food, having the body absorb vitamins through the bloodstream is definitely more effective.


2 Vitamin sprays are very easy to use.

Surveys show that approximately 40% of people have difficulties in swallowing pills and capsules. Add to that the people who are afraid of injections. Ease of use and affordability also come into play when talking about injections.

Patches can be uncomfortable as well, especially if you are the type of person who tends to sweat a lot and having to wear a patch all day to fully absorb your vitamin B12. We can think of easier ways! In addition, ready-to-drink formulas often come in large bottles with large serving sizes, they have a consistency similar to cough syrup! Not to mention the terrible taste. 

In contrast to all the methods listed above, subliingual oral sprays are the easiest to use. Just one spray per day under the tongue, without any discomfort caused by swallowing, being poked by needles, sweating, or drinking bitter liquid. Plus, our vitamin sprays come in a range of tasty natural fruit flavours, that you're sure to enjoy.


3 Vitamin sprays are convenient to use.

Pills and capsules, more often than not, have to be taken at certain times of the day. This can be burdensome especially for those who often forget things. Of course, they cannot be swallowed without water, too. In the case of injections, a medical practitioner often has to do it for you. This means that you always have to schedule an appointment for it, which is not ideal especially if you are busy. 

Vitamin sprays are once more better than any of those mentioned above. It's because they are more convenient. They come in small bottles which you can put in your pocket or purse. Additionally, vitamin sprays do not necessarily have to follow strict schedules of intake. Just imagine being able to sit in your office, doing paperwork on a sunny day. Suddenly, you remember that you have to take your supplement. You reach into your purse or pocket to get your spray. One or two seconds of spraying, and you're good to go.


4 Vitamin sprays are rapidly absorbed by the body.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of this world, instant things are a trend. Instant noodles are a great hit after all. To keep up with that, the health industry developed vitamin sprays.

As stated earlier, vitamin sprays get absorbed through the bloodstream. Because of this, vitamin sprays can deliver the essential ingredients to the body in approximately 30 seconds. In contrast, pills do the same thing in 30 or more minutes depending on the person's metabolism. If you are a person with high metabolism, then good for you because you only have to wait for 30 minutes to assure yourself that the pill you took did its job. But if you have low metabolism, then not so good for you. You have to wait up to an hour to assure yourself that your pill got absorbed. 

Issues with the digestive system such as constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome can further slow down the absorption rate of pills, capsules, and ready-to-drink formulas. So to make sure that your body absorbs vitamins quickly and effectively, then perhaps it's high time for you to switch to a sublingual vitamin spray supplement.


5 Vitamin sprays are safe to use! 

Vitamin sprays are made of natural ingredients. Since they are mainly water-based, they do not contain ingredients such as wax, fillers, and binders like tablets or capsules. Wax, fillers and binders contain chemicals that can cause harm to the body, so avoiding them altogether is a must. 

Vitamin sprays are organic, non-GMO, and free from gluten & allergens. In addition, vitamin sprays are clinically tested and formulated to the highest industry standards. So, you can rest assured that you will be getting the highest quality product with the best results. 

So what are you waiting for? Vitamin sprays are undoubtedly amazing. Making the switch is totally worth it.