Never force swallow a tablet again!

VIIT Science makes taking vitamins easier and more efficient with rapid absorption, liquid vitamin sprays. Forget pills packed with binders and fillers lodged in your throat which have inferior rates of absorption (25% maximum). Spray under your tongue and you are done. Enjoy great natural fruit flavours and up to 4x more vitamin absorption than pills or gummies in a single spray.


Distribution B2B Orders

We are only able to accept distribution B2B orders at present. Please contact us for more information about placing an order. We will be notifying our loyal customers when single unit purchases return. Thank you,

VIIT Science Team

Why Choose Liquid Vitamins?

- EFFECTIVE - Liquid vitamins have the highest percentage of vitamin absorption. Peace of mind knowing that you're meeting your micro nutrient goals and not wasting your time or money.

- EFFICIENT - Rapid absorption, on the go vitamins, anywhere, anytime.

- EASY - No force swallowing or choking on dry lodged tablets. No powders, mixing or spilling.

- EXTREMELY TASTY - Natural fruit flavours that the whole family enjoys. No fillers, binders or nasties.

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